A washing line is used in every plastic recycling industry to carry out this crucial step in the recycling process. These lines have been used to remove some of the impurities that can impede the operation or completely ruin a batch of recycled plastic.

Washing Line – our eco-friendly cleaning process for contaminated plastics

  • Our washing machines remove impurities to reduce plastic contamination
  • Systematic cleaning of various plastic bottles having dirt and food residue
  • Our Mahinery system supports the separation and drying of used, contaminated, and mixed plastics
  • Our machines are suitable for WET and DRY plastic washing
  • Our washing lines support minimum water requirements throughout the process

Different Plastic washing lines under Sreecycle Plast LLP

Sreecycle Plast LLP Washing line

We categorize machines with our modern and flexible design, which allows operating under minimum supervision, so that easy to install by all customers.

At Sreecycleplast we provide an innovative and modular PET and HDPE bottle waste wash line solution that ensures maximum quality PET bottle recycling equipment with minimal investment cost. With years of experience in PET bottle recycling, our four functional sections and machinery efficiently remove impurities and separate materials to create an optimal environment for recycling.

wide variety of applications, ranging from plastic waste washing lines

The main areas of application for our washing lines in recycling are:

PP tape bags

PET bottles

Bottles made of polyolefin

Waste from electrical devices

Containers and barrels Battery cases