An industry that provides recycling waste machinery with completely sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in Mumbai metropolitan region.

It is a young organization, contributing the equipment for plastic sorting and recycling along with prominent after-sales support to reduce plastic pollution.

We provide unique or unequaled sorting solutions for a variety of plastic products like PET bottles, PP-PE article waste, and PE-PP-BOPET film waste.

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Our Mission

At Sreecycle Past LLP, our mission is to reduce plastic waste and create a sustainable future. We believe that by supporting the recycling industry, we can make a lasting positive impact on the environment. 
We are inspired by their commitment to sustainability and preserving our planet. Our global platform is our strength.


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Sorting plastic for recycling

Recyclable materials are sorted quickly and accurately with plastic sorting machines. Using sensors and computers, we have sorted plastic materials based on their properties to reduce contamination and increase their value.

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Washing plastic for recycling

​   ​Washing is an initial step in the recycling process before sorting and extruding plastics to recycle them. We needed a Washing Line to remove contaminants like dirt and food particles. When the plastic is cleaned, it is ready to be sorted by the plastic sorting machine.

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Turn-Key Project

​    All sorting machines have been designed, constructed, and equipped
for a contract under which a firm agrees on a service facility and turns the project over to the purchaser when it is ready
for operation for remuneration.

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Sreecycle Plast LLP’s contribution to the conservation of the environment

Key Points To Select Our Services

Factory Price
Organizations can reduce their costs with us   
● Two self-designed workshops 
● Manufacturing unit 

Good Service 
We offer services to individuals and commercials 
● Free trial running before the sale
● Free Installation after-sale