Force Feed PET Grinder-your solution to efficient PET grinding

Refine your scrapped plastic further with our Advanced and efficient Force Feed PET Grinder and get a reduced form of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic materials. This type of grinder has been used to process large amounts of PET plastic waste and is called a PET Bottle crusher that is forced to feed into the machine.

A forced feed PET grinder is an industrial PET grinder designed specifically to process large amounts of PET plastic waste. It uses powerful blades to grind up PET plastic into smaller pieces, making it easier to transport and recycle.

System specifications of Force Feed PET grinding machine

Motor Power75 kw
Initial production with new bladesUp to 3000kg/hr
Average Production (daily)1800 – 2000 kg/hr
Blade Life (Blade MOC D2 with 58HRC)1 Day 40-45 MT
Production/Power ratio2000 / 100 = 20 Kg/HP

It is used extensively in the recycling industry to grind PET bottles to desired size. It also uses powerful blades to grind PET plastic into smaller pieces. This machine allows force-feeding by screw feeder into a compact cutting chamber.

Therefore, bottles do bounce and cut immediately, which results in high production. Extra blade lengths improve productivity.

Key Features of Force Feed PET Grinder Machine

Hydraulic chamber opening and Screen opening

Power Saver and productive

Designed for Wet and Dry processing

Made with carbon steel

Easy to operate


For commercial and industrial use, the plastic bottle crushing machine had designed for PET bottles and plastic waste recycling. In developing countries without adequate technologies to deal with this threat, these machines are used to reduce PET bottle waste littering the environment. This machine can help reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills, as well as increase the efficiency of PET plastic recycling.

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