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  • PET Bottle Sorter

    PET Bottle Sorter

    PET Bottle Sorter – Streamlining Plastic PET Bottle Recycling for Plastic Waste Management  PET bottle sorter is a game-changer in the world of plastic waste management and recycling. The KL series is a leading technology in plastic bottle sorting, and it incorporates multi-spectral identification technology that enables the accurate removal of multicolored bottles such as […]

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  • PET Grinder FORCE FEED

    PET Grinder FORCE FEED

    Force Feed PET Grinder-your solution to efficient PET grinding Refine your scrapped plastic further with our Advanced and efficient Force Feed PET Grinder and get a reduced form of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic materials. This type of grinder has been used to process large amounts of PET plastic waste and is called a PET Bottle […]

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  • Plastic Granule Sorter

    Plastic Granule Sorter An Ultimate Solution for Sorting Plastic Pellets A Plastic Granule Sorter is an essential piece of equipment in the plastic manufacturing industry, enabling efficient and effective sorting of plastic pellets. Our Advanced Granule Sorter is the ultimate solution for high-quality plastic sorting. With its advanced technology and precision sensors, it can accurately […]

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  • Bottle Waste Washing Line for PLASTIC

    Bottle Waste Washing Line for PLASTIC

    Waste bottle washing line for PET/HDPE bottles The bottle waste washing line from Sreecycle washing line from Sreecycle that can remove over 90% of impurities from PET/HDPE bottles to produce high-quality recycling goods. Our innovative system has been specifically designed to eliminate more than 90% of impurities that are often mixed with PET and HDPE […]

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  • PET Flakes Color Sorter Using Sensors

    PET FLAKES Color Segregation Using Sensor-Based PLASTIC SORTER  How should you separate your plastic waste by color, PET Flakes color sorter incorporating optical sensors are an advanced technology-based solution. These optical sensors should be used to identify different colors and can easily divide the flakes sorting. We also offer precision sorting capabilities and are operated […]

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    Revolutionary sorting of PP and PE polymers with PE-PP polymer sorter Have you thought about the use, of polythene throughout the world, especially in India? Yes, it has been a long time since we were able to live in a polythene-free environment and eco-friendly green atmosphere. It is currently possible to sort and separate polyethylene […]

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  • PET Flakes polymer sorter

    High-volume with multi-functional PET Flakes polymer sorter Complete your Plastic recycling tasks with our featured PET flakes polymer sorter and get rid of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic materials that come with automatic working or require manual labor, depending on the size and complexity of the task. We also offer precision sorting capabilities and are operated […]

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  • How Sreecycle Encourages Plastic Recycling to Support a Sustainable Future

    How Sreecycle Encourages Plastic Recycling to Support a Sustainable Future

      Recycling plastic is a crucial step that can lessen the environmental impact of plastic waste. Recycling plastic can assist in keeping it out of landfills and the oceans and aid in resource conservation by lowering the demand for new plastic manufacture. In this article, we’ll go over the advantages of recycling plastic and show […]

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